Git Graph

App development nowadays requires you to have many tools. I opened almost five apps in my MacBook to support my coding session. Source Tree git client is one of them. It is just because the Source Tree has a nice git graph rather than git log --all --decorate --oneline --graph. Git Graph extension brings a good git graph experience and basic functionalities from the graph from such as git checkout, git remove. With this extension, i would say no Source Tree no more. 

Git Graph Source:

Settings Sync

This extension would be useful if you have two devices that run Visual Studio Code and you want to share Visual Studio Code configuration between devices. It needs you to make a gist as shared configuration on the cloud which you could upload and download the configuration through Visual Studio Code. 

Todo Tree

Todo Tree is such a convenient tool to manage your TODO and FIXME comment tags across your code base. Every dev still needs this right? unless you are 10x software engineer. Also it gives you a highlight to TODO and FIXME comment tags which is awesome.

Todo Tree Source:


Who doesn’t use ESLint these days? ESLint extension provides nice integration to your Visual Studio Code. Without running ESLint command, this extension will inform you the lint issues through PROBLEMS panel. 


This is just “nice thing to have” extension. Being simple and minimalist is my type of person but giving simple aesthetic touch is nothing wrong with it. Vscode-icons is the best icons amongst the other icon extensions. It supports icons on many type of file that you can expect. Just give it a shot and you won’t regret it.

vscode-icons Source: